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Escubed Ltd. - analytical and research services Escubed Ltd. is a company that deals with particle size analysis and other type of research and development services. Each person interested in services such as quality control analysis, R and D, Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals or expert witness can contact escubed for any issue they encounter. Also, the expertise at escubed is very wide, including particle size characterization, zeta potential, particle density, particle shape, electron microscopy, thermal analysis and so on. At escubed, it is possible to develop a long-lasting collaboration with the specialist team, resulting in better handling analytical and development tasks. In terms of analytical testing, escubed covers services such as material density, imaging, particle counting, sizing, rheology, stability, surface area and pore size analysis, x-ray microtomography and more. In case material characterisation is needed, escubed provides all the necessary equipment and skilled personnel to handle each task. At escubed, clients should not worry about security and quality. The limited company is using guidelines of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and is also UKAS accredited. You are able to download their testing schedule right on their main website. You will find there the materials or products that can be tested, the type of test that is going to be applied along with the range of measurement and finally the standard specifications, the equipment and the techniques used for each category. Besides that, escubed offers their contact details right on top of the page. Regarding food and chemical materials, the particle size analysis methods apply for additves, active pharmaceutical ingredients, ceramic powders, clays, colloidal and regular dispersions, dyes, emulsions, fillers, impurities, latex, Nano-materials, pigments, plastics, polymers, powders etc. Any company looking for batch release, manufacturing support, routine QA analytical services, particle design services, REACH compliance or anything related to particle and colloid characterization are welcomed to try the services at escubed. Each type of equipment used at the company is listed on the website, so clients can check for themselves what types of analysis are possible and how performant the products used actually are. Regarding the consistency of particle size measurement, escubed offers a good practice guide. The guide contains an introduction to this subject, the objectives of each technique used, the definitions and the terminology used, the measurement principles (including measurements methods, laser diffraction, sedimentation techniques, electrozone sensing and so on), along with how to perform a measurement and the variability of the outcome. Plus, the good practice guide also includes some references and recommendations. All the information provided is a proof of professionalism and quality that will help any customer to better understand the processes that escubed goes through for handling the tasks of clients. In addition, this guide will help any person who is interested in trying the escubed services (as a beginner) to understand what particle size measurement is, what its purpose is and how to make the right kind of decisions when it comes to selecting the analysing services required for each specific case. The guide focuses on key sources of problems that escubed deals with.