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Goat Hair Tent

Come to the Oasis Dakhla and meet actual bedouins dwelling nonetheless near their previous traditions and lifestyle. Probably due to Hollywood movies, unhealthy novels and inaccurate articles, the Western world long thought of—and may still, even in 1966—the Arab world when it comes to black tents, with out either appreciating the virtues of the life symbolized by the black tent or realizing that in Saudi Arabia, and most places within the Center East, the black tent is little greater than a remnant of a previous that has given way to the needs of the present.

They have been—and nonetheless are even in an age when reputation of camping has brought forth dozens of new, environment friendly, portable shelters—a fabulous adaptation of simple supplies to stringent requirements: they had to be easy and fast to erect, mild, portable, wind and water resistant, ethereal, insulated against the solar's rays, easy to maintain and repair, and preferably handsome.

The entire operation, honed to perfection by centuries of observe, went in accordance with a drill as rigid as a army maneuver, with the top of the family appearing as high sergeant: "Unfold out the tent, my folks," he would cry, and then, "Stretch out the ropes, children," and so on through the whole litany until the final, "Spread out the carpet and the dazcashek (mattresses) and put together the boys's and girls's portions of the tent." It was executed with exceptional dispatch and when the furnishings had been laid out the household was able to receive friends.

The grasp's rifle, as an example, was at all times hung on the tent pole of the guest chamber (which in Jap Arabia was at all times on the east aspect of the tent), the hearth was constructed within the exact middle of the same "room," and the row of three coffee pots was ranged alongside the fireplace, along with the coffee roaster, the wooden tray for cooling the new espresso beans, the coffee grinder, the incense burner and the host's camel saddle, in case a visitor needed a back rest.

The household, kids, dad and mom and grandparents, all resided in a single tent. Goat hair tent products are most popular in Africa, Mid East, and Western Europe. In winter when it's cold outdoors our tent stays comfortably warm with only a small fire. The tent of an individual was a place of rest and protection from the weather. In the cities of Saudi Arabia immediately, as in most cities of the Center East, the skylines are changing.