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Santander Salt - a leading UK importer and supplier of winter maintenance products Santander Salt represents a leading supplier of de-icing salt products at affordable prices. Established in United Kingdom, the company provides winter maintenance products and equipment including shovels, spreaders, scrapers, scoops and grit bins not only to individuals and businesses, but also to local authorities. Locations of depots include Boston, Avonmouth, Thamesport and Ellesmere Port. Their activity mainly consists in importing and distributing multiple aggregate products in South East of England. Santander Salt strives to obtain high quality natural marine salt from reliable sources in Africa and Europe, which represents a better and cleaner option in comparison to mined rock salt. Furthermore, clients receive the respective salt in different forms, which include bulk bags and bulk loose as well as 10 or 25 kg bags, tubs and shakers. The company offers a large variety of packed de-icing products in order to meet different requirements. In addition, they handle deliveries to make sure that each product reaches the correct address of the customer. Santander Salt represents an independently owned company that established solid partnerships and relationships with important parties. The United Kingdom construction sector benefits from quality bulk products from this leader. Medway Aggregates relies on the facility located in London Thamesport, which has plenty of aggregate storage space and operates 24 hours a day. They handle a wide range of products like sand and gravel, hard stone and decorative aggregate as well as salt and PFA. This company stands out from other aggregate importers in Kent due to superior services and product operation. The facility has the purpose to handle import, storage and distribution of products for Santander Salt customers by utilizing a feet of vehicles. In terms of product operation, Medway Aggregates discharges conventional ships by using onshore crane but also handles self-discharging ships, they provide on-site weighbridge and shovel for loading lorries. The aggregates offered by Medway Aggregates meet various construction needs and most importantly, the products supplied comply with British Standards. These products refer to type 1 granite and limestone, single sized granite, sharp washed sand, granite dust and conditioned PFA. Type 1 granite and limestone provide a secure base for pathways and road surfaces. The mix of solid and fines ensures a strong layer with a flat surface. Manufacturers use single sized granite and granite dust for producing asphalt and concrete products. The production of concrete also includes sharp washed sand. Santander Salt delivers all these aggregate supplies in Kent for a multitude of clients. Returning to the most popular product offered by the company, namely marine salt, customers already know that it does not have impurities and is more sustainable than mined rock salt. Santander Salt is willing to send the white marine salt through various methods including by ship, by bulk tipper and by bulk bags. If the client prefers receiving a shipment, the company makes sure to deliver the merchandise to the established port. With their fleet of artic vehicles, they are able to transport the salt nationwide. For some customers, bulk bags represent a more convenient variant due to its economic character.