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Durable Warehouse Label Holders, Adhesive And Magnetic Strip Holders

Magnetic label holders are ideal for labelling filing cabinets, drawers, cabinets, containers and bulletin boards. As the sort of label holder doesn't utilise adhesive the label holder will be faraway from the cabinets easily and without leaving any residue. We supply barcode suitable products, which is a vital aspect for ASG Services as we are a leading warehouse barcode label manufacturer.

When the time comes that the product should be moved or replaced in the warehouse, merely slide the old label out and the new one in. You'll be able to even use UPC codes on your labels and skim them simply by means of the clear vinyl front floor.

We provide a variety of heights in each design and all label holders are available to particular lengths for customized purposes or from stock sizes. Label holders can be used for those little tasks where adding that of completion is all vital. Magnetic is good for applications where regular adjustments are required, easier and faster to maneuver then adhesive backed holders.