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Different Workplace Supplies & Gear

Rolls of magnetic C-Channel Card Holders mean you can choose a custom dimension shelf labels and indicators to fit your undertaking. C-channel magnetic holders are constructed of heavy-duty magnetic material to adhere completely to just about any metallic shelf or rack. Choose between self-adhesive or magnetic label holders for any shelf type. Magnetic Holders are brown and Self-adhesive Holders are white.

£ 327.00 Tax excl. £ 351.00 Tax excl. Magnetic Label Holders Securely Affix Labels To Metallic Racks And Shelving For Organization Of Business, Office And Residential Environments. Use these label holders in no matter method you see match as they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Utilizing a label holder as an alternative of adhesive labels helps to maintain the shelf edge clean and the situation easy to establish. Reuse the magnetic label holding strips again and again. £ 174.00 Tax excl. Magnetic labels holders (c-channels) are helpful if the data on a label needs to be changed often.