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Channel Magnetic Data Card Holders Packs & Rolls

Magnetic label holders are perfect for labelling submitting cupboards, drawers, shelves, containers and bulletin boards. Use these label holders in no matter manner you see match as they arrive in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The information displayed on your labels is barely sure by the variety of label holders you have got. Bigger format displays make them simple to learn and can be used to offer product photographs, decide notices, and to point out closed places.

HON's magnetic label holders make organizing your office space easy and straightforward. Extruded PVC is exceptionally strong which makes the plastic magnetic label holders the perfect product to be used on shelves where the location dimension and position modifications continuously. £ 114.00 Tax excl. £ 450.00 Tax excl. White insert cards come included with the label holders.

Label holders usually form part of larger initiatives, nonetheless we do present this additional service for single product kind orders. Specs 600 Long x three Huge, Magnetic Again, Label Holder - Backing Magnetic Width (Inch) 3 Size (Inch) 600 This item cannot be shipped via air service. Create simple slide off labels with c-channel magnetic information card holders.

Rolls of c-channel holders will be simply minimize with scissors right down to the scale you want. See catalogue for vary of adhesive and magnetic holder sizes. Our Magnetic Card Holders and Magnetic Pockets are versatile visible communication tools which assist plan, schedule, and organise any work surroundings. Offers straightforward identification.