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Magnetic label holders are ideal for labelling submitting cupboards, drawers, shelves, containers and bulletin boards. Our magnetic label holders are equipped from stock in pre-cut lengths but particular sizes will be equipped on request. Notice: the magnetic label holders are offered per 100 items. Word : Paper strips aren't included with label holder. Magnetic Holders are brown and Self-adhesive Holders are white.

Every label holder has a clear PVC slip to protect the card sheathed inside. Label holders, in this case the magnetic label holders, are helpful if the information on a label has to be modified typically. Labels or tickets will be easily eliminated or replaced in keeping with the product saved. These label holders are fabricated from a versatile and durable thin plastic that may include a bend to angle the label to the floor for higher visibility to the person.

Due to the self-adhesive or magnetic properties, installing these label holders is straightforward and quick. £ 102.00 Tax excl. If the scale or design of magnetic label holder you need is not shown on the website please contact us; it is probably we've not added it yet. Everlasting versatile magnet label holders are wonderful for any application that requires frequent and prompt change such as in warehouses, drugstores, pharmacies, labs, sample rooms, and lots of others.