Die Vortragsreihe „Journalismus und Web 2.0“ an der Universität Bamberg wird auch im Wintersemester 2007/2008 fortgesetzt, meine beiden Noch-und-leider-bald-Ex-Kollegen Kristina Wied und Florian Mayer haben folgende beiden Vorträge organisiert: 29. November 2007: Dirk von Gehlen „User-generated Content bei einem Jugendmagazin – das Beispiel jetzt.de“ 17. Januar 2008: Jörg Sadrozinski „blog.tagesschau.deContinue Reading

It’s almost a week now since the AOIR conference „Let’s play“ ended. I’m not really good at live conference blogging, especially after I’ve witnessed Axel Bruns‘ speed – it seemed he had his accounts of all the sessions published even before they began -, but I should at least summarizeContinue Reading

(SPOILER ALERT if you read this before saturday 8.30 pacific time.. :)). On saturday morning, I’ll be participating in a round table discussion on Social Networking Sites. Nancy Baym, our chair, asked us discussants to answer three questions in advance; here they are with my answers as well: (1) IdentifyContinue Reading