Axel Bruns brought a very nice present to the „Digital Methods“ conference: A book! :-) So I’m happy to announce: Schmidt, Jan-Hinrik (2014): Twitter and the Rise of Personal Publics. In: Weller, Katrin / Bruns, Axel / Burgess, Jean / Mahrt, Merja / Puschmann, Cornelius (Hrsg.): Twitter and Society. NewContinue Reading

Together with Axel Bruns, I will guest-edit an issue of the Online-Journal „New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia“ dealing with „produsage“ – a term coined by Axel, but a phenomenon visible all over the Internet. Below is the call for papers, we are looking forward to your submissions. Exploring ProdusageContinue Reading

What a surprise: A couple of months ago I discussed some aspects of my blogging practice framework with Manolo Vergara from Mexico, who was working at his masters‘ thesis in Communication at that time.  As part of that work, he collaborated with designer Mariana González Guzmán-Poirê (check out her collectionContinue Reading

Today, I had the opportunity and pleasure to listen not once, but actually twice to Dan Gillmor, one of the leading scholars on contemporary changes in journalism. Before giving a speech at the 5-year-anniversary of TIDE (a local broadcasting station that combines community radio/TV features with journalism education for citizens),Continue Reading

Christian Pentzold, who is currently a Visiting Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, and his colleague Malte Ziewitz are preparing an interdisciplinary Workshop on „Modes of Governance in Digitally Networked Environments“ (26th march; .pdf of the call). Here’s the outline: Over the past decades, a variety of new technologies haveContinue Reading