Presentation „Another transformation of the public sphere?“

This week I had the pleasure to spend some days at Umeå University in Sweden, being invited to participate in Stephanie Hendrick’s ph.d. seminar. I also had the chance to present the Hans-Bredow-Institute and some of our research to about 40 colleagues and students at the HUMlab, an interesting and lively centre at the conjunction of media studies, information technology and arts.

My talk was on „Another structural transformation of the public sphere? On recent challenges and current research projects”, which of course is a somewhat presumptous title, since it alludes to Jürgen Habermas‘ grand theory of the public sphere, and there is no way I could do that justice in about one hour. But then there are changes in the structures and mechanism of the current sphere that have to be accounted for, and I presented some concepts and research ideas to analyze it. The slides are below – the livestream of the presentation is archived and can be watched on HUMlab’s stream site. The part about the structural changes (slides 6 to 10) starts about here, and the part where I discuss our research findings (slides 11 onwards) starts about here. Transformation janschmidt umea_2011_print

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