My first publication in Portuguese

This is a premiere – I can add my first portuguese paper to the list of publications… :) Last year, Raquel Recuero, whom I know from the AOIR conferences and who is one of the leading Social Media Scholars in Brazil, told me about an edited volume dealing with Blog Research. We agreed to include a paper with findings from my „Wie ich blogge?!“-Survey; since I don’t speak any Portuguese at all, Raquel took care that an english summary of the findings (available here) was translated (by Fábio Fernandes, thank you very much!). The book was published last week and is freely available for download.

Congratulations to Raquel and her colleagues Adriana Amartal and Sandra Montardo, and thanks for having me on board!

Schmidt, Jan (2009): Práticas de blogging em língua alemã:resultado da pesquisa “Wie ich blogge?!”. In: Amaral, Adriana / Recuero, Raquel / Montardo, Sandra (Hrsg.): Estudos sobre blogs e comunicação. Sao Paulo. S. 109-131.

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  1. Thanks Jan for you participation on the book. We are very happy to have you with us. And Fábio has made an excellent translation :)

  2. Thank you, Jan. We`re really happy about your participation on our book.

  3. Thank you, Jan! It was really nice to have your paper and I’m sure people will love your paper. ;-)

  4. Nichts zu danken, Jan! Gern geschehen! :-)

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