Article on Twitter and Personal Publics now published

Axel Bruns brought a very nice present to the „Digital Methods“ conference: A book! :-) So I’m happy to announce:

Schmidt, Jan-Hinrik (2014): Twitter and the Rise of Personal Publics. In: Weller, Katrin / Bruns, Axel / Burgess, Jean / Mahrt, Merja / Puschmann, Cornelius (Hrsg.): Twitter and Society. New York, NY: Peter Lang. S. 3-14.

The article has appeared in a very ambitious volume edited by australian and german colleagues, who brought together more than 50 international scholars who provide, in 31 articles, an excellent overview on the broad spectrum of current Twitter research (Axel Bruns has listed them all). Many thanks for the opportunity to be on board!

PS: On sunday evening, I brought the book with me to Indian restaurant in Berlin where I had dinner. One of the employees, who saw the title, told me that he had a master in anthropology and studied Facebook and Society in India – he wrote down the details of the book, so there might be a first reader already… ;-)

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